Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Falls in the Spring

I've always heard about Multnomah Falls, but never got to see them in real life until this week. What a treat! We were driving up to Washington, and the falls were on the way. Looking up at the falls and hearing the rushing water truly measured up to my expectations. Beautiful.

It's been fun getting to already see new places on this trip. I'm not used to traveling in the States in the Spring, so I'm seeing everything in a different season too (literally - Spring, instead of Summer), which is fun! 


  1. You were seeing Multnomah falls at the peak of water volume. Awesome time of year to see the falls and feel the mist on your face!

  2. ohhh soo gorgeous!! I love falls so much! that first pictures looks like it came out of a movie or something. :)
    - Gabi

  3. Wow, that looks incredible! Beautiful photos!

  4. Yep, looks like the bridge in Rivendell!


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