Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fact of the day

Little known fact about Chicago: It sometimes smells like chocolate.

Literally, on any random given day, you might walk outside and get a strong whiff of chocolate. What an odd thing to smell in a city, right?

I finally looked it up today (after smelling chocolate before my morning class), and found that the cause is a chocolate factory about a mile away, called Blommer Chocolate Factory. It actually is on the way to my PCM, so I think I'm going to have to stop by some day once the weather gets warmer. Yet another thing to add to my "bucket-list" for Chicago!

A few other things on my list...
- Go to the Conservatory (Botanic Garden)
- See the city from the Sears (ahem...Willis) or Hancock tower
- Listen to a musical/opera/symphonic orchestra piece in the city
- See a movie in a park (when it's warm)
- Go to as many unique coffee shops as possible

And many more. 

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