Monday, March 3, 2014

Donuts and Dance

When my alarm went off at 6:40 in the morning on Saturday, I asked myself why in the world I was getting up so early. The only motivation I had to leave the comfort of warmth and sleep: donuts.

Donuts are a good enough reason to make me wake up early on a Saturday! They're not just regular donuts either - they're gluten-free, and literally the best I've ever had. 

Do-Rite Donuts was celebrating their second birthday, and offering a buy-something-get-a-donut-free special, so Caleb, Haley and I made our way into the Loop to take part in their celebration! Free donut - yes!! Even early on Saturday. Early, because these donuts are really best fresh, so it's worth it.

As we were walking down the street, we spotted a crowd in the distance. Curious, we went to check out what was going on, and found a fun surprise! The So You Think You Can Dance Chicago auditions were going on, and we happened upon the theater where they were being held! It was fun sitting inside McDonalds eating our donuts and drinking orange juice, watching cameramen doing interviews, and people spontaneously dancing.

If you're ever in Chicago, and in need of a gluten-free (or not) donut, Do-Rite is the place for you! (Bapa - you'd love it!) ;) The donuts didn't disappoint, and started our day off perfectly, even in the cold and snowy city.


  1. So so so so so so so FUN!!!!

  2. Oh! I want some! My only try at making donuts was an epic failure. Hockey pucks! I love So You Think You Can Dance.
    It was wonderful to see your parents and uncle yesterday at Laurelwood. My roots go deep with your family and Laurelwood. I wish I could have met you! Maybe someday.

  3. So you think you can Dance is one of Grace's favorite shows. We watch it passionately. I"ll make sure she reads this…she'll be so jealous!


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