Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lincoln Park

Keep in mind that I am not one to love the city. Remember that usually I get giddy about nature. I didn't want to leave Colorado and Wyoming a few weeks ago to come back to the city. Honestly, the thought of not looking out on mountains and blue sky - almost a sign of light, and hope - made me sad. I easily forget that when I look to the future, I don't see the blessings God has prepared for me if I trust in Him.

Today, with a fresh blanket of snow, a beautiful (inside and out) friend, and my favorite part of town, I was truly happy... even in the city.

*Satisfied sigh*

Ok, so we did get a little lost along the way to Lincoln Park. We took the bus farther than we meant to while trying to find a new coffee shop. But we didn't mind. Kelley and I just laughed, got off the bus, and caught another one going in the right direction. We found our way in the end, and enjoyed every bit of our day.

This is absolutely my favorite part of Chicago - Lincoln Park. Why?

The BEST gluten-free cupcakes. (By the way... that baby cupcake was a special "SuperBowl" flavor - potato skins!! I only tried the frosting with chives and bacon bits, because the cupcake wasn't gluten-free, but from what Kelley said, the whole thing was pretty good!)

Buildings with character, and a home-y touch.

My favorite park: Oz Park. (I just noticed today that that statue is dated around the month and year of my first birthday. How fitting! They didn't even know they were giving that one-year-old a birthday present for the future!)

And now, I have one more favorite thing about this area: Citygrounds Coffee. It's tucked away on a side street, a real hidden gem. We ventured out here on this Saturday to do New Testament homework. Needing to do a lot of writing for one of our papers, we had to find a place that would keep us focused. Citygrounds was perfect.

After drinking a Guatemala V60 pour-over, and settling into a comfy couch, it was time to start working on homework.

Four hours later, I had a bit of a headache from staring at my computer and focusing, but it didn't take away from the sweetness of it all. It was such a happy day. I like this part of the city. I should do this more often.

P.S. If you ever visit me in Chicago, this is where I'll probably take you. Just sayin'. :)

Also, Kelley - you are so wonderful!!! I loved spending today with you. 

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  1. Claire Patty!!!! You amaze me! You are such a good photographer, have such an eye for editing, and you know how to have a whole lot of fun!! YAY for you! Oh, and your mamma loves you a lot! :)


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