Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From the Inside

It's Founder's week this week at Moody Bible Institute. This is probably the biggest event that happens on campus every year. It's no small task getting everything organized, planned, put together, and taken care of! I am so thankful for all the people working to make this conference happen.

As one of the ushers this week, my job is to answer questions and direct people where they need to go. I won't hide that, honestly, it does make me feel exhausted (I'm thankful for free afternoons!). Anytime I'm around crowds or big groups of people for longer periods of time somewhat drains my battery, since I'm more of an introvert. But I love it too, and it makes me happy.

I love watching people come in to hear godly speakers, and I love watching them worship the Lord all together. I love seeing a window into the "behind-the-scenes" of Founder's week. It makes me appreciate it all the more!

We've already heard some great speakers, and been encouraged about what it means to be holy. Feel free to check out the live broadcasting of Founder's week HERE. You can also re-listen to sessions you may have missed HERE.

I'll be tired after this week, but it's all worth it. God provided a job here for me at Moody in Event and Guest services, which is not only "practically" helpful, but it's teaching me so much too -through my everyday work, but also through being a part of bigger events that happen on campus, like Founder's week. It's pretty awesome to see things from a different perspective... from the inside! 


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