Saturday, January 25, 2014

A surprising Saturday

As I was looking towards today, Saturday, I realized I didn't have a single plan. I'll admit, that made me a little sad. At home, I looked forward to every weekend. Weekends were what kept me going! Here, though, weekends can get lonely, and quiet.

Thankfully, the longer I'm here, the more relationships form, and friendships strengthen. I decided this morning that I needed to go to Trader Joe's, and might as well get some homework done at Starbucks, since it's right next-door. At least I'd have a plan, and maybe someone would come with me last minute if I asked around.

Well, someone did come! That made me so happy. I got to spend the afternoon with Hannah, and it was a lovely day. The sun was out, even though it was cold. We found Adagio Teas near Trader Joe's and sampled awesome teas. We slowly worked away at some homework, and enjoyed the charming music in Starbucks.

What I thought would be a boring, lonely day ended up being so refreshing. As I've said before - I'm not one to be spontaneous. College is teaching me a lesson in spontaneity! It's good for me. I'm surprised by how splendid some spontaneous things can be.

P.S. This tea is amazing: Vanilla Oolong Tea


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