Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Philippines

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to take pictures for their upcoming "live music" event in Joe's, the campus coffee shop. Of course I said yes!

My heart goes out to the Philippines in these days. Not only do I have some roots there (my grandparents were missionaries there, and that's where my dad was born too!), but I also have a friend, Gabes, here at Moody who is Filipino. In fact, she is the one who asked me to take these photos. Thankfully, her family is safe, but the devastation of their country affects them nonetheless.

My prayer is that through this heartache and tragedy, people would come together like never before, and most importantly, that the message of Hope would be proclaimed. I pray that people would find their hope in Jesus Christ, and the believers in the Philippines would serve humbly, and share the Good News boldly.

Design of text by Gabes. :) 

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  1. Beautiful pictures Claire. I love that you are getting to use your gift of photography to touch others. :o)


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