Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I'm not sure when it started, but trying to make Bapa really smile in pictures is a tradition now. He will do a closed mouth "smile" any day, but getting him to actually do the "American smile" is a rare sight.

Thus, it has always been my personal goal to get him to smile in pictures. 

This time, I made a deal with him that I'd smile like him, if he'd smile like me. It worked! 

Silly Bapa! He just likes giving me a hard time. I love it though. I'm proud to have a real smiling picture with him!


  1. My hair isn't gray, it's light brown with a couple little gray hairs in it! :) Otherwise it's a nice blog post. Bapa

  2. Way to go Claire! Love these photos of you two!

  3. Soooo adorable! I love that you got Bapa to smile like you…and you like him. What a great way to bond and speak each others "smile languages."


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