Saturday, November 9, 2013

It all started with a text

Two months ago...

iMessage, September 9th:

Mom:   Hey guess what?
Claire: What?
Mom:   We figured out a time for me to go see Grandma and Bapa! While dad goes to Denver for a men's conference and to see Grandpa and Nana, I will go see G and B! 
Claire: Aw! Can I come?? (completely joking)
Mom:   I wish!!!!!! Believe me...I really do!
Claire: Wish I could come for just a couple days! (sad face)
Mom:   I do too!
Mom:   Just out of curiosity... what time are you done with PCM on Fridays??
Claire: Six PM. But if I needed to take my one cut, I could, and make it up another week.
Mom:   What time are you done with classes?
Mom:   On Fridays??
Claire: Twelve PM. 
Mom:   I could get you a flight, on miles, at 3:51, arriving in Eugene at 8:22!!
Claire: Seriously??? 
Claire: Would it be worth it??
Mom:   Hmm... this is quite a thought! I could get you back by Monday night at 8 PM. 
Claire: Oh man, this could be crazy, and epic!!
Mom:   Imagine the blog posts!! (Laughing smiley faces)
Mom:   Pray that the Lord makes it clear!
Mom:   So I reserved it - it's too good of an itinerary to pass up and didn't want to lose it. I have until Thursday to book it. Let's pray!!! 
Claire: Wow! Ok!!

And so it started. Mom talked to Dad, and they talked with Grandma and Bapa, and a ticket was booked through my Dad's "miles". It was that fast. It was one of those "inspired moments". 

That brings us to today:

That brings me here - to the upstairs bedroom of Grandma and Bapa's house in Oregon, sitting with my Mom! I haven't seen Grandma and Bapa since last Summer, and didn't think I would be at their house for at least another year. It was so good to hug them today. I'm so glad I can have this time with them.

We should be going to bed, since we have a big weekend ahead of us, but instead, Mom and I are catching up together. I can't believe this is really happening.

Thank you Lord!!!


  1. Wow, what a cool story! I'm sure that was such a refreshing break from school :) -Courtney


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