Sunday, November 24, 2013


Today marks a special occasion!

I have now been in America for 100 days.

That is by far the longest I've ever spent in the States without going home. It's been good so far. I honestly can't believe it's already been this long. The semester has flown by! From what I hear, college in general goes by pretty quickly. I'm trying to learn, to be thankful, and soak up as much as I can from being here.

Today, on this 100th day, I went to Grace Church in Wheaton, had lunch with my parents and Caleb and Haley (Mom and Dad are back in Chicago for a month!), and am about to start working on homework.

Go HERE to see what I love about the USA and what I miss about Czech.

Also, on this 100th day, I found out that one of my buddies here at Moody, Carlie, is engaged as of last night!! She and Mitchell have been dating for a couple years now, and I can't picture them being with anyone else but each other. It's time to celebrate on Smith 4 (our floor)!! Congratulations Carlie and Mitchell!


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