Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The stories behind the gifts

Among the new additions to my dorm room since my birthday:

This little lamp:

Both of these things were gifts from my brothers.

I first saw succulents on Instagram. Apparently, they are the "in-thing" among that crowd these days. Not sure how that happened! Just search the hashtag "#succulent", or "#succulentlove" and you will find so many photos! I remember having a conversation with Tyler one day about succulents, and we agreed that they are pretty cute, but mostly funny, because they're so random.

Tyler remembered that conversation and get me a succulent for my birthday - simply awesome. That made me laugh. I do kind of love it now.

In our home in Czech, we have a couple of lamps that make me happy. Mom has collected them through the years, and now we have about three of these "stained-glass" lamps. Caleb thought I needed a piece of home in my dorm room, so he got me this lamp to brighten my room. It's one that's supposed to have a candle in it, instead of lightbulbs. We're not allowed to have candles in our dorms though, so he got fake LED ones to suffice! Perfect. 

It's these little things that have made my room feel home-y. These little things tell me that my brothers know me and care. Mom and Dad, and Lara and Haley do too. I'm thankful for family and even for the reminders of their love that now sit on my desk.


  1. Gorgeous photos Claire! And that lamp looks so much like the one at home, it's crazy!

  2. this is so lovely and special!! you have some awesome brothers there ;) I think the stained glass lamp is soo gorgeous, I just love anything stained glassed. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but never remembered to comment, so I just thought I'd say hi :) I kinda know how you feel a lot with the whole being away from home-different countries kinda thing, since I grew up in Brazil and am living in the US now, and though I live with my parents here, my whole family and best friends and behind in Brazil, so homesickness is pretty much part of my everyday life. I lived a year in Grand Rapids, MI last year at a Bible college, but never got the chance to visit Chicago, it looks so beautiful! I'm a big city kinda girl so I guess I'd like it :)
    Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo
    - Gabi


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