Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Cafe

It all started here:

My to-do list for today included these four things; the most important being the fourth point: Go somewhere new (preferably with friends). *Side note: CM is a class (Christian Missions).

I searched online for "best coffee shops for studying in Chicago", and found a nice-looking one not far from here called the Bourgeois Pig. A couple girls from my floor joined me, and we had a little Sunday outing!

While we were sitting in the coffee shop (which is extremely relaxing, quaint, and eclectic), I was hearing some great contemporary folk music. Of course, I figured it must be a CD playing in the cafe. When I went back downstairs to get some water, however, to my surprise, here's what I saw!

Live music! They are a group called Ask Your Folks (check them out on Facebook), from a nearby college. They made my day. They were all so talented. 

Like I've said before, it's hard to find quiet, restful places in Chicago. Though this wasn't necessarily quiet, it was extremely restful and fun. I'd definitely recommend the Bourgeois Pig!

Thank you Lord for this day!


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