Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday: 19.

I got to celebrate my birthday with my parents yesterday. It was an absolutely beautiful day, full of lovely leaves, doors, cupcakes, and sunshine. I couldn't have asked for a more lovely way to start my 19th year. 

What fun to wander through streets... 

These cupcakes, at Swirlz, are THE BEST. They have gluten-free, vegan ones that I can eat!! They are absolutely right...

I was completely happy, enjoying looking up at trees and buildings, and soaking in the blessings of the day. As always, it's the little things.

19 - here I come!! 


  1. Such gorgeous pictures and a fun blog post! Don't you love the fall colors?!! That was such a special day with you. Glad the Lord worked it out for us to be with you. Love you much!

  2. Ooooh!! And I like your new picture on your blog!!


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