Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As I sit

Currently, my view:

I'm working on reading for a class, listening to Sara Bareilles, and enjoying some quiet time in my room.

Also! Facilities came in today and lofted my bed, as I requested! It gives me so much more space in my room. Not to mention, now I have my entire desk free (before I had bookshelves covering half of it). It's feeling like a whole new room, and it's wonderful!

I'm also working on some illustrations for the girls in my PCM (Public Christian Ministry - I'll talk about that more one of these days!). These girls are 3rd to 6th graders, and on Fridays we get to hang out together, play games, and learn about the Bible. These are some visuals for the main truths we'll be talking about. It's so fun bringing Bible Truth back down to a child's perspective - it's refreshing!

(God created the whole world - the sky, the water, the trees and animals, and He created us!)

Another awesome new part to my desk is a painting that my friend Allie did for me - to remind me that my identity is always in Christ! Couldn't have asked for a sweeter gift.

I hope you find something that makes you smile today! 


  1. Your blog post makes me smile!

    Scout and Kaylee make me smile (see my blog post today!)

    Fresh grapes from the neighbor at Patty's make me smile!

    Just a few days till I see you...that makes me SMILE!!

  2. I know how much good it does a mother's heart to see her daughter who is lives far far away. Your love and respect for one another makes ME smile.


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