Tuesday, September 24, 2013

As long as there's beauty

One of the challenging things about moving to Chicago is the change of the environment around me. And I don't mean (just) culturally, I literally mean the change of landscape.

I'm the kind of person who likes to go for walks on quiet trails, who gets giddy about flowers in fields, who can't help but take pictures of the changes in seasons, and who loves the sound of rustling leaves. I also love warm colors, cozy nooks in a house, a kitchen to be creative in, and waking up and seeing the sunrise.

I miss home.

I do.

I miss the kind of beauty that surrounded me there 24/7.

Beauty surrounds me here too, I just have to look for it in different ways. I need to create it for myself, or learn to appreciate it in different shapes and forms than what I'm used to. What to do? I have one little dorm room to make my own, and a huge City to explore. Where to start?

As long as there's beauty around, I will find it, somehow. I'll soak it in, and breath deeply. I do need those quiet times of looking for something striking, or of simply sitting and taking in God's Creation. I just need to look harder here. And I need to stay thankful.

The search begins! I will find beauty that makes my heart happy!


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