Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tomorrow: already/finally?!

Tomorrow, I will get up super early, take a ferry from Brac (Croatia), to Split, and from there fly to the States with Tyler and Lara.

I am going to college.

This is a huge transition for me. I am moving across an ocean. I am entering a new culture. I am moving to my passport country, though I have never lived there before. I will be speaking English all day!

Part of me feels nervous. The other part is excited for these new adventures.

No matter what I feel, here I go! Let me just say though: I am extremely glad for Skype, iMessaging, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, phones, and everything else.

(I don't really have photos to go along with this, but here are my travel buddies for tomorrow! We took a few last pictures this evening, before finishing packing. These two are so photogenic!)


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