Thursday, August 22, 2013

Those first days

I am officially a college student now! I have a college ID, a dorm room, and everything.

This is pretty much what my last week has looked like. Starting off with the trip overseas, to staying in Wheaton for a couple of days, to moving in, to freshman orientation. I have loved everything so far! 

One of the blessings of being in the Chicago area, is that not only are my brothers around, but two of my sweetest friends are going to college only 45 minutes away from me (Lucy and Hayley, in the top left picture). I got to see both of them the day after I arrived! 

Some quick highlights since I got to Moody...

Moving into my room.
Meeting all the internationals and missionary kids at the early orientation.
Exploring Chicago. 
The excitement everywhere when all the new freshmen came in yesterday.
Getting to know the girls on my floor (freshmen, or those who are here early, that is). 
Learning and remembering people's names. 
Worship with the students and parents, led by my brother Tyler last night. 
Seeing Tyler and Lara randomly this week. 
Saying: "oh, you too??", and then realizing you're not ever alone in anything. 
Hearing people's stories. 

It's overwhelming at times, but it feels good to be here. I can't believe though that I can finally say that I am a Moody student! I'm thankful to the Lord for bringing me here. More adventures ahead!


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  3. Claire you're so very brave girl!
    I can't even imagine, how it would be to move overseas for college!
    Great adventure ahead of You!


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