Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sun, sea, and family

These last few days have been refreshing, long, and warm. I've done a lot of thinking, journaling, sunbathing, and swimming. We've all read books side by side, walked the streets of cute little Croatian towns, ate dinners as a family, and watched shooting stars at night.

Simple pleasures were highlights of this week. This made us all happy: We cooked fish, bought fresh from the harbor. Dad and Tyler woke up early and stopped by the market, and prepared them for all of us for dinner! Prepare, meaning... everything from gutting them (I got a little squirmy at this part, even though I was behind the camera!), to filling them with lemon and fresh rosemary, to grilling them. A treat, for sure.

I missed having Caleb and Haley here too! I'm glad I get to see them in a few days. But so it goes in this time of life! I'm thankful for any family time, no matter what place in the world we are.

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  1. You captured these days so well! Love all the fish photos!! What a good time we had...glad you blogged about it.


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