Thursday, August 29, 2013

Classes: first week!

I'm almost done with my first week of classes!! Hard to believe.

It's pretty standard college stuff - you go to class, sit for 50 minutes, and hear about a given topic. You read books, do homework, and drink lots of tea in the process.

But Moody is unique in other aspects of the classes. Most of my professors pray before they teach, or before we head out. We learn about the Old Testament, the Church and its Doctrines, or Christian Missions. Still, these classes are tough, but they are worth it.

What a privilege to get to study alongside other people who are excited about following Christ. What a privilege to learn from these professors who have been walking with Him for decades. I don't want these classes to just be academic; I want to soak them in. No, they're not dreamy and easy, but there is so much to learn in them.

On my way to class this morning, I walked past a space between two buildings. I didn't expect to see anything unique, because all that's on the other side of the plaza is a street. But what I saw made me stop for a moment. I literally stood still for about 10 seconds, transfixed. What a glorious reminder that even in this busy city, God shows His creativity and wonder.

These are small things that remind me of His care, and His hand over everything. I know I can trust Him. I'm looking forward to seeing how He will provide this year, and how I will grow and be stretched.

Lord, may we remain faithful!


  1. Claire, I was dashing through the Portland Airport yesterday and got stopped in my tracks by the beauty of a song being played on the grand piano between two concourses. I just sat down and closed my eyes and drank in a gift from God. He does remind us of His care!


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