Friday, July 19, 2013


I'd never been to Ukraine before, but I had the opportunity to go there this past week. We visited JV missionaries there, and learned and saw so much along the way! We took a sleeper train through the night, and arrived early in the morning on Monday, jumping right into "life" there. 

The Williams and Chmiels graciously hosted us in this busy time of English camps, but I loved seeing ministry in action there. We didn't actually go to any camps, but got to sit in on US team training, met the sweet Ukrainian team, talked, saw their local church, and heard stories about what God is doing there.

Ukraine actually surprised me. I was impressed by Lviv! Cute coffee shops dotted the city, markets were abundantly full of fresh fruits and veggies, musicians played on street corners. I hardly noticed any foreign people (they mostly get Eastern European tourists), and building after building told a unique story.

Sure, the streets were uneven, the city wasn't prim and proper, and I couldn't read a thing (nope, never learned Cyrillic) , but I enjoyed it, and it was beautiful in its own way. It felt real and refreshing.


Thank you Ben and Kristi, Tomasz and Miriam, for hosting us and showing us around your city! I loved it, and I'm so glad I got to see a bit of your world.


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