Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We ate one "real" meal while in Switzerland last month: Rösti.

While on our road trip, most meals were packed lunches, or breakfast foods that we had brought from home, but we always had one "sit-down" meal a day. In Switzerland, my dad wanted us to have some real nourishment after a day of hiking, so Rösti it was!

In my mom's words, Rösti is "A glorified hashbrown". When you eat it in the Alps, of course, it feels nothing like a hash brown, because they serve it with all fresh farm ingredients (and plus, you're in the Alps, everything seems cooler!).  When we made it at home, it felt a bit more like what my mom called it. Regardless, this stuff is good. It fills you up, it tastes wholesome and a little smokey, and the extra work of making it really does pay off.

We could have eaten the whole batch of this Rösti tonight, but it was filling! Into the freezer the rest of the potato rounds went...hopefully to be fried up in the next few days!

Click HERE for the recipe for this Rösti  It's a little untraditional, but the extra ingredients make it shine. You should really try this!

(We served this with a fresh "sopsky" salad tonight, to bring some lightness to our plates.)

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  1. I already want to make it again! It was fun to prepare, and even better to eat! :) Glad you thought of it and found this recipe.


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