Friday, July 12, 2013

All the difference

How many times have I walked up to this gate, heard the squeak/screech as I pushed it open, and headed up the gray steps to tutoring?

Jirka, my tutor, helped me so much in these past years of Czech school. Our family went to him for eleven years! Two times a week, he helped us with Czech, with tough assignments, with chemistry, or really, with anything we needed. I truly believe that thanks to Jirka, I was able to complete Czech school well, and actually enjoy it!

Tutoring became a normal part of my week. I never questioned it, it just was. I never felt "different" because I had a tutor. In fact, it was really comforting most of the time! To know that I didn't have to deal with school alone, that if I didn't understand something, I could ask someone, made all the difference. School in my second language became doable, both for me, and my parents. I wouldn't trade my years in Czech school for anything!

Today, Mom and I said goodbye to Jirka. I finished with tutoring in May after my Maturita exams, but had to drop off some last textbooks that belonged to him. We thanked him for all he did for us these years, and took our last pictures.

And then we drove away, as we have done so many times before. Except this time I wasn't talking with my mom about some biology material, the history of Czech kings, or something new I learned about in Physics. Today as we drove away, I looked up into the window I so often looked out of. As the rain poured down, I simply felt thankful.

It's time to move forward to what's next. It's time to say these goodbyes. It's time to be thankful.

(See here for more of the story of how we even started going to tutoring!)


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