Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flashmob in Ostrava

It all started one afternoon earlier this month when Mom and I were talking, and she mentioned flashmobs. She told me to just "file away" that she would love to either see or participate in a flashmob some day. So I did! But I also figured it wouldn't hurt to look them up in our area either, so I went searching on Google.

Lo and behold!!

There was a flashmob happening in our very own Ostrava on July 20th during the popular Colours of Ostrava music festival! I was shocked. And giddy. It was so hard keeping it a secret from my mom!

This flashmob wasn't a typical flashmob, because they advertised it in the mall. Ah well. But, they did actually call it a "flashmob", so I'll take that! Plus, it surprised Mom (thankfully she didn't see the advertisements...phew!!), and that was enough for me.

She glowed when she realized what was happening! I was pretty excited too. It's not every day that you get to see a flashmob!

It's these kinds of things that make life in this last stretch seem totally normal. It doesn't hardly seem like I'll be leaving for Croatia in 11 days, and from there on to college!! So...23 days until I fly from Europe. I'm soaking in last experiences, even if it just means going to our mall for a flashmob. What a great memory! Thanks for the idea, Mom! :)

P.S. Go to my Instagram (on the right) to see a short 15-second video of what the flashmob looked like! They had a drum "marching band" play while the dancers performed!


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