Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

All the dads (of us Americans around here!) were gone this 4th of July, so what were we to do on this holiday? Have a little party! Aleisha so graciously hosted Amy, Lisa, my Mom, and I. We ate good food, the kids played (and got messy!) in the yard, Cece doted on Kaylee, and the sunset was our fireworks.

Love all these kids, these ladies, and these Summer memories!

We ended the night with a crackling fire, fireflies, kids sleeping soundly, and sweet conversation. What a laid-back and perfect 4th of July celebration.

Growing up in Czech hasn't given me many opportunities to be patriotic, but I can say that I am proud to be an American. And I'm proud to be Czech. They go hand in hand. But today, I celebrate America. 

Here's to new adventures, a new chapter of life coming, and new soon-to-be friends... all waiting for me in America this August! 


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