Monday, June 17, 2013

Road Trip: Italy

Here are some last snapshots from our road trip last week.

We only spent an evening and morning in Florence, and a day and half in Rome, but it was enough to get the feel for the two places. The food tasted amazing, tourists were everywhere, local musicians played on street corners, Hayley and I laughed ourselves silly as our feet ached from walking, and my camera kept snapping memories.

Florence was lovely. The old bridge-- totally the coolest thing! Charming. 

The Vatican. We were there on a Sunday, so guess who we saw?

Yep, the Pope! We stood in line for an hour and a half to get into St. Peter's, but because the Pope had a speech from his window at 12:00, we ended up not going anywhere. The square was packed!!

We had fun through it all, and though we could only see the Pope from very far away, we can still say that we saw him! After he finished his speech, the line for the church still didn't budge. We stood for another 20 minutes or so, before I started feeling claustrophobic a little overwhelmed, so we stepped out of line, and just went for lunch. I needed to breath (and eat!). Oh well, St. Peter's-- I hope I'll get see you someday!


This was the BEST coffee I have ever had. With no soy milk available, I had to have an Americano if I wanted coffee at my dad's favorite coffee place in Rome. I'm usually not much of a black coffee drinker, but this, this was an exception. So so good!

Here is the last picture taken on our trip. It completely summarizes everything, I think. We were tired, but it was all so worth it. These memories are priceless.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, again, for the gift of this trip!

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  1. Aw, Florence and Rome!! Can you believe you got to see those places?? And have that amazing coffee in Rome?! Ha ha! All those amazing historical places that are truly cool...but it's the coffee that was extra memorable! :) I loved seeing this post again and love that dad took you and Hayley there,


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