Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fusion Summer concert

I had my last Fusion concert yesterday. *sniff*

The setting of the concert was perfect. We had the privilege of performing at the newly built amphitheater at Malenovice, near the cabins. Parents, friends, and towns people sat on the lawn as we sang, played, and danced. Hamburgers were grilling, drinks were being served, lights twinkled in the trees, and (I think!) people enjoyed themselves. What a beautiful place to have a concert!

It's sad to think about not doing any more concerts with our Fusion. Fusion will continue in the Fall, but I won't be here anymore (I'm off to Chicago!). Who knows, maybe I'll return some day, but no matter what, it will be different. I am incredibly thankful for these past two years. I hope, and pray, that they will continue to grow and make an impact wherever they go.

Here is a video from the concert. Actually, all the songs are up on YouTube, if you'd like to watch them! We are not a professional choir, but we love singing, learning, and having fun!

Fusion-- I will miss you all!!

*Mom, thanks for taking these pictures! See her blog post about the concert HERE.


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