Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On rubber bands

A tip for keeping a clean(er) kitchen while cooking:

Imagine that everything in your kitchen is on a rubber band. That means that anything you pull out should bounce right back to its place when you're done with it.

I'm not sure when my mom first told me this little piece of advice, but it has changed my kitchen habits forever. I literally think about rubber bands almost every time I bake. It's just stuck in my head. My mom read this tip in a cookbook years ago (the OCSC cookbook, if that rings a bell with anyone), and happened to mention it to me one day while we were cooking. I don't remember why, or how we started talking about it, but it's something I've never forgotten.

What was I cooking and baking today that required lots of rubber bands (figuratively speaking)?

Oatmeal cookies.

Yes, again. They are my favorite! I was too anxious to eat them to think of some creative way to stack or plate them... They are that good. The recipe originally calls for wheat flour, but I substitute gluten-free flour. I also decrease the sugar some, and add a little bit more oil (to make up for the gf flour). I also use cranberries instead of raisins and add chocolate, because who doesn't like chocolate?!


Triple Cranberry Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

Seriously, these are delicious. They are the perfect balance of rich yet refreshing flavors. I love this recipe! We didn't even have time to cook the chicken today (in the oven, I mean), so Mom bought a roasted one from Albert, and we used that. It turned out just as good as ever!

These past few days have been restful. I am thankful for that. Walks with Mom and Kaylee, picking flowers, baking, cooking, watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (if you have time, watch a few episodes HERE), and being with friends is a breath of fresh air.

P.S. Michelle, thank you for the amazing spatula!! I feel so cool using it, since it's so pretty. You know me and my mom well!


  1. Randomly found this post I missed. Love the rubber band concept. I am trying to train myself to do this in the spaces that I inhabit. It is hard for me, becasue my instinct is to just leave stuff out! But I think knowing how to keep things in their place is really valuable.

    1. I love it when metaphors just "work" and make sense! I hope it continues to inspire you, as my mom has inspired me with the "rubber band" for so many years! You're so great, Lucy.


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