Saturday, May 4, 2013

1st part: done!

Well, my Czech tests are over!! I still don't know the results, but it feels good to have that part of maturita behind me.

The day started at 8:00 and ended at 1:30, but that meant we had an hour and half to wait between our standardized test and our essay. To lighten the mood, Magda (my classmate) and I watched YouTube videos and laughed ourselves silly. It was the perfect way to enjoy that time, and ease nerves for the essay. I am convinced that I went into that essay happier and more comfortable thanks to that time, and God's grace! Hopefully it went ok!

This video in particular made us laugh. I don't know if we thought it was so funny just because we were both feeling a bit stressed, but I have to share it, at least to remember that morning!

After the tests were done, I went downstairs in our school, and two of my friends from first year at BMA were waiting to give me this:

A picture of a panda! (And some chocolate) They surprised me, and it pretty much made my day to see their smiling faces and the sweet panda picture. It's those little things that are so sweet and encouraging after a long day.

It's these things I want to remember about Friday. Yes, the tests were hard, but YouTube videos, pandas, and (most of all) friends, put a smile on my face.

Next up are the oral tests on the 21st of May. After that, I'm done!!

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  1. I thought the video was GREAT!!! Made me laugh! So proud of you! Keep going!


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