Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out of the ordinary?

This may not be the prettiest post you've ever seen, but only because it's about taking out the trash. Of course, Katka is beautiful, so you can just focus on that, instead of the blue bags.

I never would have written anything about taking out the trash, but Katka told me yesterday that our way of going about it is actually kind of abnormal, which surprised me and made me laugh! It always seemed normal to me.

We live in a pretty small village. New houses are being built around us now, but for a long time there wasn't much out here. I'm guessing that's why we don't have "personal" (as in, house to house) garbage service. Garbage men don't come to pick up our trash during the week. We have to take it ourselves.

We don't have to take it far, but we do have to carry it down the road about 300m and throw it into a dumpster, which is used by all the surrounding houses. I never really thought twice about this system, but Katka told me that most people don't walk their trash anywhere.

What do I know?? Maybe it isn't that strange. I actually like this system! You don't have to put your trash out at a certain time of the week, and we only pay a minimal fee to have the dumpster sit on that street corner. It gets a little complicated when it's full, but then you just wait for the garbage men to pick it up and drop off a new one, and all is well!

Though you may not have come here to read about dumpsters and trash, this does give you a window into our everyday life. I often don't notice little cultural differences between here and the States, so here's to documenting one of them!

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  1. That is SO hilarious!!!!! I'm glad you posted about it!!!


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