Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easy lunch

We all have days when there just isn't anything in the fridge to eat for lunch. Neither my mom or I feel like going shopping, so we just make do with what's around. But what does that actually mean? What do I eat on days like these?

A tuna sandwich.

Ok, this might not be your dream food, but I actually really love tuna sandwiches. When I was little we visited our grandparents in Oregon, and my grandma would often make us tuna sandwiches on fluffy white bread. Now, I can't have normal bread anymore, but Schar bread tastes just as good to me (except that it's not white, which is even better, I guess!).

When I can't find much in the fridge, all I need are a few teaspoons of mayo, a can of tuna, and some bread that I store in the freezer. Easy! If I happen to have a veggie around, great! I add that to my lunch as well. The whole thing takes about 2 minutes to prepare, is full of protein, and it's just satisfying to me.

Here's to the easiest tuna sandwiches you'll ever make!

1 can tuna (without oil)
3 tsp mayonaisse
2 slices gluten-free bread
Veggies, optional
Pickles, optional

Mix mayo and tuna in a small bowl. Toast gluten-free bread. Slice veggies. Serve either with veggies inside sandwich or on the side.

On the weather side of things...Spring really is here, I think!! Yesterday I kicked the snow off of one place from our little garden to see if the crocuses were still alive. They were sad-looking, smashed and icy. I think I may have kicked up a root or two trying to get down to the ground (it was completely covered in snow), but today I had a special surprise waiting for me.

Yes, they are alive!! It amazes me that these delicate flowers can survive the snow we just had and still be so beautiful. God's creation is pretty awesome!

Question of the day: 

What is your go-to lunch on a busy day?

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  1. You ABSOLUTELY have to add kosher dill pickles to make it an official tuna sandwich!

    Thinking of you on your last few weeks of School...Go Claire!!!


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