Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fusiondary 2013

I don't even know how to capture this past weekend in words. Fusiondary was amazing!

What is Fusiondary?

It is a music festival where all Fusion choirs from the Czech Republic (and even Slovenia this year!) come together to get to know each other, sing, perform, learn, and have a lot of fun. Fusiondary has been happening for three years now. This year we had the honor of hosting the festival in my old elementary school in Frydlant!

This event is huge for Fusion. More than 260 students came to our little, still-snowy town. They sang loudly, danced whenever music played, clapped their hands out (is that a phrase??) and even trudged around in the slush for a photo scavenger hunt in town (they were troopers!).

Our Fusion performed on Friday night. Hopefully somebody will post a video soon, so I can share it with you, but for now, pictures...

Most importantly, these students also heard more about God this weekend. The theme of this Fusiondary was "Unique Choice". Rob Chestnut and my dad did a great job with their talks, and I am praying that God works in the hearts of those who heard! 

I'm going to be real with you. I also felt a little sad and nostalgic this weekend. The combination of being at my old elementary school, hanging out with Fusion students, experiencing what God is doing here, and other things, it's hard knowing I won't be here next year! I know, I shouldn't be thinking like that... I still have lots ahead of me. I am so excited for what's next in my life, but I love this season too. All I can say is that I am thankful. Both for what is and for what will come.

P.S. Do you see those balloons in the first picture? One Fusion prepared a surprise for us. They sang Skyfall (by Adele), and let the balloons fall on us during the song. EPIC!!!! (And loud as the balloons popped!) Super creative.

Group picture...

Thank you Mom for taking these pictures! (except for the last one)

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