Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bringing Italy here

My parents are in Italy this week, speaking at a marriage conference in the area of Tuscany. Meanwhile, Katka (a longtime friend of ours...she babysat me when I was little!) is staying with me, so that I don't have to be here alone all the time. I can drive, cook, clean and make fires, but I don't like being in an empty house for too long! I am realizing more and more that I am a verbal processor, and keeping all those words in my head during the day is not a great idea!

Mom sent me a few pictures of where they're staying, and it makes my heart flutter a bit (meaning, it's charming!). I knew I had to bring a little piece of Italy to our home too this week.

I have only ever been to Venice and Pisa, and have never experienced real, authentic Italian food, but I'd like to think my pasta dish yesterday tasted at least a little like what you might find there at a local restaurant. Ok, maybe it wasn't that extraordinary. I did use gluten-free pasta from a bag, after all. I don't think that quite measures up! But it was tasty! I even indulged in a little mozzarella (even though I'm lactose-intolerant), because it's worth it for this dish.

Click here for the recipe: Mozzarella basil pasta

- The longer you cook the sauce, the tastier it will be
- I used Sam Mill's gluten-free pasta
- Add some spinach
- Add sun-dried tomatoes
- Add chicken, for some extra protein

I am loving the weather these days. Finally, Spring has arrived! The light was so beautiful, so I couldn't resist taking the [food] pictures outside. It may be a little funny to you that I would go to all that trouble to take a picture, but it's worth it! Natural light wins every time, and the light inside just didn't cut it.

Also, on a side note, this week I am finally getting around using only the manual setting on my camera for taking pictures. I honestly never thought it made much difference, but I can now say that it does!! I feel like the pictures look the way I actually imagined them in my mind to look. I still have so much to learn, but slowly, I'm figuring it out!


  1. I can honestly say that I'm sure it tasted a lot like what we're having because I know how good that recipe is! Can't wait for you to come to Italy with dad in June so you can try some of this food! Oh, and your photos are ever so lovely!!

  2. Those pictures are so beautiful! I'm sure it tasted just as wonderful :)


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