Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BMA Catch-it 2013

This weekend we had our annual student-led BMA weekend retreat. By God's grace, this retreat has been happening for five years now! And I feel that every year something new is brought to BMA through this retreat, we become more like a family than before, and we get to talk openly about our lives and beliefs. What a blessing to have been a part of this retreat for four years!

There are two reasons why we call this retreat "Catch-it". The first is that we play baseball! We don't have baseball in Czech, so students learn and get to play, which we all have fun doing. The second meaning is to "catch", as in "grasp". Grasp what Christianity is all about. Find out more about Jesus. Hear about what it means to be in a relationship with God.

Some of the highlights of the weekend...

Laughing. Oh yes, we laughed so much!

Games. We played some great games this year! If you are curious about what is going on in these pictures, or need some inspiration for these kinds of games, feel free to write me! (My e-mail address is in the "About me" tab)

 The teaching. Mel and Amy Ellenwood did such a great job!

Leading with this team.

These people. Yes, I spend every day with them at school, but getting to know each of them individually this weekend was so much better than just saying hi in the hallways.

Yet again, I feel super sad that I won't be here for the next Catch-it's, and really thankful for the privilege of being a part of this BMA family too for four years!

I only have four more weeks before Maturita, and then I'm done at BMA. Wow. Hard to believe. Definitely feel excited for that day (from a "i'm-done-with-high-school" standpoint), but after a weekend like this, I don't want to leave! Soaking in these days.


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