Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School: What a day

Whew! Tuesday = big day!

In Czech, "tablo" is an important part of your last year of high school. What is a tablo?

Every year the graduating classes from the two high schools in town (and in every town across the country) prepare something that features, represents, or tells a story about the students who are graduating. The whole town, in that little way, celebrates the senior classes.

Of course, every class has to choose what they will feature on their tablo, and where they will get their pictures taken. To give a little background on our class, I have to say, we are very frugal (lightly put). Cheap might be a better word. In Hayley's words: "Our class likes cheap, but cheaper is better." If, say, $10 is already a great price, then they/we would want to only pay $8. That's just how we work.

When tablo planning came along, there was a huge dilemma! How much to pay for our photos?? At first we found a photographer who had pretty good prices. But that wasn't good enough for our class. So, in the end, we rented a studio in Ostrava, and took our own pictures. I know, slightly ridiculous funny, but yes, creative!

Two other girls and I took everyone's pictures. We now have to edit them and print them. It's a lot of work! But I do have to say, we all had a lot of fun together from taking the train at 6:40 AM to goofing off in the afternoon. Though the pictures are far from perfect, we made memories that we'll never forget. We stayed true to ourselves. We used our own abilities to try to put something together, and learned about photography in the process.

I, personally, have never ever photographed in a studio, so I was clueless as to how to work the lights, etc.! I just had to laugh. If it hadn't been for our class' frugal and adventurous spirit, I would have never gotten to experiment with taking pictures in a studio. I now know a little bit more, though would love for someone to teach me the actual "rules" and tricks of that kind of photography some day! It's a whole other level. (*Hats off to the pros out there!)

The photos in this post are the ones I took. I'm sure a professional would have lots to say about them from a technical standpoint, but I'm happy with how they turned out. I don't care as much about the quality or lighting, but the faces are priceless. These are the people I have been with for four years now. We all were relaxed because it was just us. Together. For one of the last times before we graduate.

Actually, it wasn't until the very end that I felt comfortable even taking the pictures. By that time, half the people had already left, which is why these girls are mostly in my pictures!

 Lessons learned? Don't be afraid to try. Do some research. Bring a second lens. Shoot in RAW next time. A tripod was super helpful. Click, click, click.

In a couple weeks (hopefully) I will post pictures of the finished product/design of our tablo! Coming to a storefront soon!

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  1. Hey Claire,

    I read this post last night and then ran across this class. It's a super price for a photography class. Just thought I'd pass it on.


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