Monday, March 4, 2013

School: Psychology

In exactly 8 weeks I will be taking my maturita exams. What??! That's so soon! I'm excited for it to just come already, even though I still have much work to do.

One of the subjects I will be doing maturita in is psychology. I am blessed by an incredible teacher, but it's still a lot of information to learn (25 questions/topics, and each are 4-6 pages long). These past six months I've been trying to figure out how best to study for this exam, and I think I may have finally figured out a good system... and it includes drawing!

I don't think my psychology "information collages" would make sense to anyone else, but they are the perfect way for me to learn. It's hands-on work, it uses the creative side of my brain (instead of just analytical), and it's colorful. The advantage is that I often remember most of the things that I draw. The disadvantage is that it takes me a long time to figure out how to put it all together on paper, so that it makes sense, and sometimes I forget what I meant with the symbols! Ah well!

A work in progress (above) and the completed collage (below). 

My dad always tells me that these years of school are not about what I learn, but about how I learn. He tells me that what's important is that I "learn how to learn". That is a skill I will need for the rest of my life! I may not need to know what "out-group homogenity effect" is in the future, but I will need to be constantly learning, growing, and being challenged. 

I trust that my studying for maturita is not just about what I learn, but about the process as well! Drawing these pictures is part of figuring out how I study well, and how to enjoy it too. 

Question of the day:

Do you have any good studying tips? What type of a learner are you? Do you remember things best by hearing, seeing, doing, speaking?


  1. This is AMAZING!! I love that you've figured out what works for you...this is your brilliance shining through right here!

    My study tips? Chocolate, tea, cozy blanket, cute dog next to you, fire burning...yeah, that works! :)

  2. Claire! Seriously (and I have my serious face on here!), you could totally create something that would work in the field of psychology that would help the "heady" stuff make more sense to people! I think you're on to something! Okay, you probably don't feel a life calling to the field of psychology, but I'm just sayin' field needs more right brain people like you adding some color and flavor to it!

    LOVE IT!!! :o) Love you!

  3. SO FUN!! This reminds me of these inspired!

  4. Brilliant idea! It's so awesome that you found a way of studying that works for you. I'm impressed.


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