Thursday, March 14, 2013

School: Pirate Day

Yes, we have a Pirate Day at our school. And yes, I did dress up for it!

Our teachers are extremely creative. Here and there we have events like this one that are purely just for fun. We missed the official "Talk Like a Pirate" day, but we still got to celebrate it anyway. At least 30 people from the school (keep in mind that our school is small) dressed up. It was pretty awesome and hilarious walking out into the hallway and seeing swords, eye patches and bandanas. It made my day.

A couple Instagrams, and the group picture...

Sadly, some people left before this picture was taken. There were more pirates at school than just this!
It was a great day! It's nice to mix things up every now and then and have something to giggle about at school.


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