Thursday, February 7, 2013

School: Physics

To all of you who love and study/ied physics, chemistry or other such subjects, I want to say 'thank you', because my brain does not understand those things. I am thankful your brain does!

Yes, I have to be honest, I have spent the last week preparing for a physics test we're taking tomorrow. I don't think I was made for thinking about these kinds of things! But alas, I've had to battle with physics class since 6th grade, and I am still alive. I have endured passed 7 years of physics classes, so I will finish this last year too!

I am trying to practice thankfulness, not letting myself get annoyed. I shouldn't be upset about my physics class, or at my lack of understanding of quantum mechanics, fotons, or spectroscopy. I am thankful for the complicated world that God created! I am thankful that I can't understand everything, because it just makes me be in even greater awe of our Creator. I am thankful for people who do care about physics, because thanks to them I could have eye surgery when I was little, I can fly to the States to visit family, I can watch dvd's, and be writing this on the computer right now.

Ok, physics: I don't understand you, but I'm willing to at least appreciate you.

This video was actually really helpful today! Just the kind of explanation I needed for my test.


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