Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Golden Ticket

Caleb is on a plane right now back to the States.

*sigh* *sniffle*

The time with him here went by way too fast. Thankfully, we did stop time for just a moment one day.

Caleb gave me the best Christmas present: one Golden Ticket for a sibling photo adventure. And a photo adventure it was...

Some random adorable dog came to greet us while we took pictures nearby!

Caleb- I miss you so much already. Thank you for my Christmas present!! You're always an inspiration to me with photography. And Tyler...we missed you this time!

*Some of these pictures are Caleb's- most of the nature-y ones, and of course any that I'm in! :)

See here for a glimpse of one of our past sibling photo adventures.

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  1. Awesome pictures Claire! Love the way you and your family captures life in photos...and all that's good in it!


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