Friday, January 25, 2013

Not little anymore

This week my parents were in Krakow, leading a marriage conference for couples in Josiah Venture. What did that mean for me? An experience in "spreading my wings", as some would say!

Our friends, the Drabinovi, were at the conference as well, so they let me stay in their empty apartment in town. How strange it was to get a small taste of living "on my own"! I was a little scared months ago when we talked about this week, but it ended up being better than I could have imagined! God was really kind to me, and provided everything I needed. I even got to have dinners with the Lobels, who live a floor below the Drabinovi (thank you Lisa for the great food!), and walk Cece to preschool (he grandma was staying with her, since her parents are at the conference too).

I never felt lonely, and God even gave me some special memories, that I wouldn't normally have had.

I'm thankful for this week.

(And I'm happy to be home in my bed again!)

Also...side note...I had my last drivers Ed lesson this Thursday!!! Now all that's left is my test next week! I'd appreciate prayers. I love driving, and am excited to get my license soon (hopefully)! 

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  1. Claire...this is soooo cool! What an awesome way to begin spreading your wings, as you said. I LOVE that Abba Father provided a way for you to get a taste of what it feels like to be "on your own." I'm so proud of you!!!!
    Love, Michelle


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