Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brownies and Snow

It's easy for me to get down in the winter. Everything is cold, white, gray and sunless. I have to decide to be content no matter what the weather. Winter does always pass, and spring does always come in the end. I might as well enjoy the good things about the snow, since it's not going away any time soon! it goes... 10 reasons to love snow:

1. The stillness of everything
2. The sounds when walking
3. Frozen branches
4. Rosy cheeks
5. My dog's excitement
6. The coziness of being inside
7. Contrast of colors
8. Pretty pictures
9. Brightness
10. Wearing big scarves

Here's to snowy days!

Now about the brownies...

I have a sweet friend who is gluten, dairy, and egg-intolerant. She is a JV Kid who lives in Poland. Yesterday, I was at Hayley's birthday party, and Kelsey, Jillian's sister, was there, so I wanted to give her something to pass on to Jillian. I made her some brownies that she could actually eat. I found a great-looking recipe, and they turned out fabulously! I would even say these are some of the best brownies I've ever made.

I gave some to Jillian, and left the rest at home. Let's just say, this piece (in the picture) is all that's left from yesterday! Deliciousness!

Click on this link for the recipe for gluten-free, vegan brownies.

Claire's notes:
- I used Orion baking chocolate ("Na vareni")
- I added pecans instead of walnuts, and didn't put in as many
- I used Silvana's gluten-free flour mix and soy milk instead of almond milk

These were super easy and fast-- a recipe to keep!!


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