Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We had a cookie exchange and a Christmas Fusion concert this past weekend. Of course, I was preparing for the concert as well, but I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to make fun food!

I made some gluten-free chocolate crinkles, tahini oatmeal cookies, and...


Ombre truffles.

It seems that "ombre" (such as this) is all the rage these days, so I thought I'd join in. Well, it's not that extraordinary. But it was lovely anyway!

I used this recipe for vegan, gluten-free truffles that are totally healthy and delicious. I rolled the balls in cocoa powder first, then half-way through I added some powdered sugar to the cocoa powder, and with the last ones I rolled them in pure powdered sugar.

Fun, fun. Christmas cookie making is so happy.

Hopefully I'll post the chocolate crinkle recipe soon...but I have to find the original source, because I can't remember where I found the recipe! Enjoy some truffles until then!

Note: These are best when you freeze them, and then let them warm up for a little bit. (By the time I brought them to church, they were just about perfect)

And of course, I can't forget to add a picture of the Fusion Concert! This was the last song (One Small Child)...notice the lovely candles!


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