Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Light

This Light came to our doorstep on Saturday morning.

Our neighbor rang our doorbell, to bring us a very special and meaningful Christmas greeting: a flame from Bethlehem. This flame was lit in Bethlehem by a Palestinian boy, flown to Vienna, and taken by the scouts through Brno, to Ostrava.  (For more on the back story, go here)

Our neighbor, Pavlina had woken up early that morning to take the train to Ostrava to light her flame, so that she, too, could spread the Light to our little town of Frydlant.

It was cold this morning! You can see her breath!
I'd never heard about this tradition before, but it's been going on for years! What a good reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Thanks to the Light of the World, Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem, we can know the Lord personally, and experience his grace daily. What is our job as Christians then? To be messengers of the Light. To take that flame in our lantern that we received, and share the Light.

My dad often uses an illustration about disciple-making. He has a room full of people, and gives each one of them a candle. He explains how long it would take for one person to light all of these candles if he went one by one. (...a long time) But then, he lights three or four people's candles, and asks them to pass on the flame to their neighbors. The light spreads like wildfire! Before you know it the whole room is full of glowing candles.

It's the same way with sharing the Gospel of Jesus. Sure, we can rely on pastors, evangelists or missionaries to tell people about our Savior, but just think about how long that would take. But if each of us passed on the News that we received to a few people, imagine how many that would impact! Thousands... millions!

Remember the Light you have received, and "pass it on" to your neighbors this year (just like Pavlina). Who knows? Maybe if you talk to just a few people this season, a chain would start that could light your whole town, city, and the world... for Christ!

This is a challenge and goal for me. It's not always easy to be bold, but I am praying that God gives me opportunities to show people His love and mercy, knowing that I don't have to be perfect while doing it! He's the one who will and should be glorified. 


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