Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last night, I was officially knighted into the graduating class.Yes, knighted...with a real sword.

To help you feel the epic-ness of the evening, you need to listen to this song while reading the rest of this post. It's the song we walked out to for the pinning and knighting. 

It's a tradition in Czech to have a "graduation ceremony/party" before you actually graduate. Stuzkovak doesn't signify that you have finished high-school, but rather that you are entering into the time of Maturita (our final exams in May), and are officially considered the graduating class. It is one of those traditions that I am very thankful for, because I feel it is so celebratory and gives us meaning for our senior year.

I was so excited for my stuzkovak. Our class planned it for months. We invited our families, our friends, and our teachers. We ordered special sashes and ribbons for this day. We practiced the waltz for our entrance, and organized the whole program for the evening.

And it came together. Last night was the night. 

It was magical.

We held the event at a golf course, where we got a great deal for renting their restaurant/ball room. Me and my lovely friends Hayley and Magda spent the afternoon getting ready together. The guys in our class were the DJ's, and the girls baked goodies. Mr. Till, our homeroom teacher, gave a wonderful speech. The director of our school welcomed us into the graduating class. Everything was just perfect. 

Mr. Till knighted us, and pinned special ribbons on bows we had on our wrists. The director gave us our sashes. The Piano Guys played on the speakers in the background-- Beethoven's 5 Secrets, A Thousand years and other epic songs. So here we are...


I can't thank my parents enough for helping me get to this point. I couldn't have done it without the constant support, love, and prayers! And thank you God for being there every step of the way with me through Czech school! I know You'll be there with me in these next months of studying as well!


  1. Claire,
    Reading your post made me even more sad I missed it. :( It sounds like an incredible night! The music was great, you looked beautiful (as usual), and it's such an exciting time in your life. I'm definitely going to miss having you around next year. You're a huge asset to BMA.

  2. Such a beautiful post! I don't even know why I'm trying to sum up last night on my blog. Totally just going to send people to your blog (and your moms). :) Love it.

  3. That's such a cool tradition! I always love when you post about your Czech school...I went to an Italian school for two years so I know how difficult it can be to be in a foreign school and I'm so impressed by your courage to do that and love for your country. I always think it's so wonderful when MKs actually live in their culture, instead of just in a missionary "bubble." Good luck on your maturita exams! They had them in Italy too and my friends always talked about how hard they'd be...glad I missed those! :)


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