Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From the cold steps

We've been having internet problems lately...yes, again. For whatever reason the internet router works in the apartment/garage, but not in our house (at least on my's off an on on other devices). So guess where I am right at this moment? Sitting in our dark garage, on the steps. Yes.

You don't realize how much you use internet until it's gone. Really! In today's world, we use it for just about everything: weather, school, communication, news, entertainment etc.! As I sit on the cold stone steps, I am not taking internet for granted. Otherwise....

This pretty much sums up life right now:

There's a lot going on, and it's busy busy, but it's so beautiful too! Literally...the dark clouds crawling over the mountains, and hanging over our little town are enchanting. I'm starting to feel nostalgic about this place. I'm thankful I still have many months in Czech!


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