Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have been baking, I promise. The problem is though, that there are legal rights to watch out for when reposting recipes, and I'm not good enough yet to create my own! I'm still learning, and hopefully improving, though there are definitely mishaps here and there. (Majorly burned some cookies not long ago! It was kind of funny actually...)

To keep things simple, here are some recipes I've collected for oatmeal cookies. I am constantly trying new recipes, and can't say I have one that is my absolute favorite. I experiment. I wish I could even tell you which recipe I used to make these cookies (below), but if I remember right, I combined two recipes, and don't know what exactly it was I put in. Maybe I should take a video while I bake to see what actually goes in those oatmeal cookies! Or you'll just have to come over some day and try them for yourself, and my improvised recipes will stay secret (even to me!).

Here are a few gluten-free recipes to inspire you:

Peanut butter chocolate oatmeal cookies
"Starbucks" oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal cookies (vegan)
Vanilla oatmeal almond cookies
Oatmeal-almond flour cookies
Oatmeal maple almond cookies
Bakery style oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal pecan cookies (this one looks really good!!)

Those should keep you busy over the weekend! Just kidding...have fun!


  1. What?? You don't remember this recipe?? Oh no! They were some of my favorites! :) Oh well...trying another version won't be all that bad...hee hee!

  2. Out of all of the cookie world Oatmeal are my favorite...just a little something to tuck away just in case you ever want to make my day/week/month/year!


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