Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catching up

So many memories from being in the States. God was so good (and always is!). I don't want to forget the little ways He showed me his love and glory. Some of my favorites...

- Finding surprises like this: 
- Seeing a friend I haven't seen in ten years (she was an intern in Czech, and I followed her around everywhere at English Camp when I was 7!):
 - Seeing pumpkins and fall flowers everywhere:
 - My jaw dropping at sights like these:
 - Visiting colleges with Dad:
 - Getting to be at Moody for the last morning of Missions powerful:

- The picture says it all:

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  1. Such a beautiful time of year to be in Chicago! Looks like you have some great memories of your trip. Fun to think of you being in the States next year and being closer to Oregon. Hope to come out to Chicago next year to visit all of you! Do you think you could fake some interest in going to a Cubs game?


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