Monday, October 29, 2012

Another last

It finally came. Our last trip as "Mr. Till's class" at BMA. I knew that this trip would come, but how much sweeter it was now, than I imagined it could be when I first came to BMA three years ago.

Our class chose to go to Budapest (mainly because of cheaper transportation, and cheaper services!), but it was wonderful-- full of happy memories and good bonding time. I'm going to miss all these people next year!

(Sadly, not everyone could go on the trip, so this picture is not complete, but I'm still going to treasure it!)
Magda's idea! (The cutie in the middle)

Also, if you need recommendations of places to go while you're in Budapest some day, feel free to write me! We wandered a lot, so I think I might have some good tips! :) 

P.S. The castle at night reminds me of Disneyland...I. Love. It.

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  1. This is so cool! I hope we can visit that city sometime with our family . . . . love it.


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