Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Study music

School is fully here, up and running. I am preparing for the biggest exam yet: "Maturita". It's still eight months away, but our teachers prepare us for these exams our entire senior year. It's actually a big deal here in Czech.

You will probably hear a lot about maturita this year, because it's going to take up a big chunk of my time and energy! It feels good to have something to work towards, but I'm figuring out my study methods now, which is not coming easily. But...music helps!

I can get distracted by music reeeeally easily while studying if I'm not careful. I can't have any music that I know, or pretty much any music that has lyrics to it. And we don't have radio channels like they do in the States, not to mention Pandora doesn't even work outside of the U.S.

So here's a little advertisement (personal tip) for my favorite iTunes radio station: CalmRadio. It is amazing.

Just go into your iTunes, click on "radio" on the left. In the classical section, scroll down until you find a whole bunch of channels produced by CALMRADIO.COM. You can listen to anything from Bach, to lovely flutists, to soothing piano solos, to celtic harp music. My personal favorite is solo piano& guitar. Simply beautiful. And it's FREE on iTunes to listen to (with a few ads to purchase their app every now and again in between).

Check it out! I hope it helps you as much as it helps me as you work on whatever it is that you need to work on. Thank you calmradio!

Little tip: This music sounds the best through headphones!

Question of the day:

Do you listen to music while you work? What's your favorite?

I also listened to Taylor Swift's new song today! It's sweet.


  1. You probably already know my answer! :) Nope...can't listen to music while I'm working! I'd be completely distracted. Fun blog post!

  2. I love Taylor's new songs! I can't wait for the rest of her album.

    I'll have to try your radio station! Sometimes, I listen to music and other times I don't. It totally depends on my mood.


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