Friday, September 7, 2012

A to Z challenge

It all started when my dad left for the States unexpectedly, to go to the Cleveland Clinic with my brother Caleb. (After months of not being able to figure out what was causing Caleb's stomach pain, they finally saw specialists, and have a diagnosis now. But back to the story...) This also meant, that it was just my mom, me, and Kaylee at home alone for three weeks.

We sat down in the kitchen one morning for coffee, and brainstormed ideas for what we were to do while all our men of the house were gone. An idea came to us-- the A to Z challenge.

What was our quest? To see if we can find things to do that start with each letter of the alphabet (yes, including Q, X, Z!).

Thus, we committed to the challenge. We took pictures just about every day, documenting all the various things that could represent each letter. Some of the things we documented were everyday activities, others were places we wouldn't normally have gone to, things we wouldn't have ordinarily done.

To rephrase Mom's words...

"Now that the summer is over, it's time to roll out the results of our A - Z project on our blogs! I'm posting from A - M, and Mom has N - Z."

Ready to join us on this crazy adventure?

Here are the first few letters...keep posted for the rest of the alphabet!


Not just any applesauce....strawberry rhubarb applesauce with fruits from the market in Poland! So good.

We made a special trip over to Katowice, Poland to celebrate our longtime friend Laura (in the middle, with Iwona's little girl on her lap). What a joy it was to spend an evening celebrating with these lovely ladies!

A summer classic. But you'd be surprised how hard it can be to find good corn here! We did though, and we all enjoyed it...even Kaylee! (Don't worry, we just gave her what was left of ours...she was so excited about it.)

I love to draw. You probably already know that if you read my blog regularly. My mom however, has never been very into drawing. She has appreciated it, but never ventured to do much drawing herself. I promised her I could teach her I did (using a special "tracing" technique)! She did awesome! Mom-- I don't know why you always say you can't draw...your picture turned out great!

Ok, so this one wasn't with Mom. But I did do it! It was a follow-up event after Multicamp (English Camp). Supposedly, it's a very "Czech" thing to do, but I'd never actually cooked eggs in a pot over a fire. Have you?! Actually, the eggs tasted great. They were different than the ones you cook on the stove, but I liked these just as well! Because there were 25+ people at the river with us that day, we had dozens and dozens of eggs. I think I found a new hobby-- cracking eggs. After at least 30, I think I found my groove, and it was quite enjoyable. If you ever need someone to crack lots of eggs, let me know! :)


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