Saturday, September 15, 2012

A to Z Challenge Part 3

The final installment of the A to Z project is here. It was a good summer!

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Ok, I know most people have normal jobs in the summer (working at restaurants, mowing lawns...), but it's hard for an American to get a job (legally) in Czech. The one "job" I had this summer (other than helping at Multicamp) was feeding my friend's guinea pig, Pip for a couple days while her family was on vacation.

Kaylee kept Mom and me entertained 24/7. She brought such life and joy to those three weeks, and she will mark our summer! She went everywhere with us, and was always up for an adventure. The many faces of Kaylee May:
One night there was a storm on the other side of the mountains, but in our yard, it was completely still. We watched the lightning flash in front of our eyes, but there was no rain or coldness. We stood outside for probably 15 minutes just staring, and listening to the thunder. It was pure bliss.

This is really Mom's story, but I got the letter "M", so it's me who gets to share it! "Mleko" means "milk" in Czech. So when we saw the sign for "Mlekarna", we pictured a quaint little milk farm with a stand outside, that sold fresh milk, and as the sign stated, ice cream too. When we finally took a trip out to the mlekarna, we were surprised to find a pub, with an empty room on the side of it, and a sign for ice cream. Inside the room was one little machine and a lady sitting there selling soft-serve ice cream. That was it. Just an ice cream machine inside a pub! The ice cream was good, but tasted different (you could tell it was fresh cream!). Mom tried the vanilla, and said it tasted a bit like eggnog. Maybe it'd be worth it to go back and taste the chocolate version next time?!

So...that's it! Hope you enjoyed the A-Z challenge! I'd love to know which letter was your favorite, from Mom's blog, or from mine!


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